SocialLab tests opportunities in Nairobi

Two chaos pilots ( are in Nairobi conducting a market study and developing a business brief for the Social Lab (

Attended by leaders of different Hubs, Incubators/Accelerators, (Non-Governmental) Organizations and entrepreneurs in different fields they will be running a number of workshop activities to explore the opportunities of collaboration towards a sustainable entrepreneurial climate in Nairobi.

About Social Lab:

Social Lab brings people together to solve complex challenges. We facilitate social innovation using surprising examples, creative tools and a positive mindset.

Its mobile idea labs can be set up anywhere you want to engage a community or group around a challenge. The lab works both as a real-world creative workshop, and as an effective communication platform.

Idea labs come with a lab team that engages the audience and facilitates collaboration and exploration. The lab team can also do rapid prototyping and visualization of ideas on location.

Ideas labs are tailored to the occasion. They will often include inspiration tours in the surrounding area or exhibitions of inspiring solutions.

Online Labs

Inspired by open source tools, tis online platform for open innovation lets users share inspiration and build ideas together.

Our online platform is a central part of most idea labs and innovation programs, but can also be used on its own. This is especially useful if you want to reach a large or geographically spread-out audience.

Innovation Programs

Social Lab designs and implements longer innovation programs, if you want to set up your own permanent idea labs or educate your own in-house social innovators. It also sets up incubation programs supporting social entrepreneurs with testing and funding of ideas.

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