We are passionate about what we do and are on a mission to facilitate growth and development for our clients, partners and societal stakeholders. We seek colleagues and team members ready to fuel our organisation with passion, drive and the right set of skills and expertise.


Just as we facilitate growth and development with our clients we provide an environment for learning and personal development.

Regardless at what role and responsibilities you enter GrowthAfrica we offer the space to further develop and grow your talent. A job with us is what you aspire it to be. It will be the attitude and resources you are willing to invest. We expect a lot and equally are ready to deliver.

Our alumni network tells of the diverse profiles who have worked with us and the exciting career paths that they have started from their time with us.

Title Vacany Type Location Posted
Internship Internship / Project Kenya 01/11/2014 17/12/2014
Business & Market Consultant Full Time Kenya 07/07/2014 29/07/2014

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When applying for a job please follow and honour the below instructions. Failure to adhere to the instructions may lead us to disregard your application.

The application documents should be sent to:

Attn: HR manager
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Format and file detail

Max attachment: 1 MB is the max total size of attached files
Format: Word, PDF and image files (gif, JPEG) – NOT zipped files

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Unsolicited requests:

Unsolicited job applications, internship inquiries or requests to do projects should equally be sent to the above details.